Thursday, March 27, 2014

Health Goals vs Fitness Goals

Do you assume that everyone who is extremely fit and has 6 pack abs is healthy?

On the flip side, would you think that someone who might be carrying a little extra weight or does not have a 6 pack has extreme and optimal wellness?

Being fit and being healthy don't always go hand in hand.
And I think it is a huge misconception.  

If you read fitness magazines and many popular books, the main "science" of getting fit and achieving a "beach body" look revolves mainly around 2 things.
  • calories in v.s. calories out
  • macronutrient intake (amount of protein, carbs, fats in a day)
Most of the time, they start by telling you that you need an insanely high amount of protein (usually 1g of protein per pound of body weight).  Ironically, the pages surrounding the article will be full of ads for protein supplements.  The majority of protein supplements have TONS of ingredients and I challenge you to tell me what 5-10 of them actually are.  And honestly ask yourself based on the ingredients, is this healthy for me?  Supplements are mostly unsupervised by the USDA (which is not doing a lot of good for us in the first place but that is another blog all together) so they really don't have to comply with  much.  

The truth is, most of us would be much healthier if we aimed for 1g of leafy green vegetables for every pound of body weight per day.  

Now look, it is totally possible to track your calories and macros and to also be reaching health goals.  The problem is, most people who practice this just don't.  Their eyes go straight to the protein, fat, and carb content on food labels and rarely do they worry about looking at ingredients.  Additionally, if I ask a macro counter what kind of probiotics they get in a day they  usually just look at me crazy.  

What I have personally had to learn is that not everyone cares about being really healthy.  Some people just want to look really damn good naked and that is all.  Unfortunately, many people do want both and just assume the supplements they are taking and foods they are eating are healthy because "they fit in their macros and aren't too high in calories."

It is totally possible to have the best of both worlds though.  Come to my gym I work at and you will see some great bodies and people who rarely get sick or have to deal with even stomach aches.  I would be surprised if most our trainers ate half their bodyweight in protein per day and they all look amazing.  

So what is my point?

If you are someone who has specific things going on like gut issues, headaches, stomach aches, etc. then just losing body fat and following a diet from a book may not be enough for you.  It might make you look better, but you may stay sick.

If you want to be healthy and not feel like garbage but also look good, don't assume that the guy at the gym pounding the shake and lifting a lot of weight will have the best answers for you.  

Ask a lot of questions and try to find someone who has similar goals as you or has achieved similar goals as you.  

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  1. Nice work! It sounds like you have found a really great balance with working out, eating, I have a hard time doing those things . You are totally motivating! And the best part is, it sounds like you are really enjoying all the changes that you are making!