Thursday, October 23, 2014

Writing Fiction - New Website Launch

Long time, no talk!

I hope everyone is doing well.

I know I've been absent for a while.  I've kinda taken a break from this blog while I adjust to becoming a father and putting focus on some other things.

One of those things I have put focus on has been writing a novel.

Over the last month and a half or so, I have been slowly and quietly working on my first novel.  This is something I have wanted to do for a while.  Releasing "I Once Was Fat But Now I See..." was an amazing experience but I NEVER thought that I would release a non-fiction book.  I always wanted to write fiction and stopped and started many novels.

I've finally decided to put some time into it and write!

I am working on my debut novel, "Abiding Harvest", which will be out in 2015 and I have an idea for a trilogy I am going to start on immediately after.

So if you are interested in reading, specifically suspense, horror, and thrillers, go check out my new pages - info on projects and blog about writing, reading, and life

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Should You Be Bragging About Being Sore?

Those of us who love training have all had this feeling.

You just crushed a workout.  You are fatigued and just spent the last hour getting your heart rate up and also pushing some heavy weight.  Then you look at your friend and you say "Man I will feel that tomorrow!  My legs are gonna be jelly!"

But does your soreness really show how hard and how well you worked out or does it show how poor your recovery habits are?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Workout

10 months.

That is about how long it had been since Kathryn and I had worked out together.  We had done some light stuff together during the pregnancy, but not really a lot.

So 4 weeks have passed since Haley was born and Kathryn was cleared for light activity again.  So we decided to go through a little workout together at the gym Saturday afternoon.  The gym is closed on Saturday afternoons so we had the place to ourselves so it was easy to bring Haley along with us and watch her while we worked out.

Kathryn did awesome and it was a lot of fun for us to get to train together again.  I think she was a little discouraged by how out of shape she is but I think she did great.  Just gotta work on getting that core strength back up girl!

Here is what we did before Haley pooped and Kathryn had to feed her :)

  • 30 seconds of arm swings each way and leg swings per leg
  • 30 seconds of hip thrusts
  • Spider-Man climb w/ high reach x 5/side
  • Isometric High Reach x 1 minute
  • Isometric Barrel Hug x 1 minute
  • Isometric Wall Push x 1 minute/side
  • TRX Row for 30 seconds for 2 sets
  • TRX Squat for 30 seconds for 2 sets
  • TRX Press for 30 seconds for 2 sets
  • TRX Plank for 30 seconds
Then Haley pooped and I decided to lift weights for a little bit.  

As you can see below.

Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Choose Food With Quality Ingredients

At Life Fitness Academy we have a saying that we have puts on shirts and stickers that represents a huge part of what we are about.

Density > Vanity

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Blog Is Back Up and I'm a Father...

Well well well.  Welcome back.  I first want to apologize for the blog being down for a period of time.  I had an issue with Google renewing my domain and it took a while to get it fixed.  Needless to say, it is pretty difficult to get in touch with someone at Google!

Honestly, it kind of happened at a good time since I was able to take a break from blogging while I adjust to the new life with a child.

Yup.  I'm a father now.

After 31 hours of labor, Haley Jude Bohannon was born on July 11th at 1:43 p.m. at St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN.  What an incredible experience!

Haley Jude Bohannon

Haley being born was really a climax to everything I have done over the last few years.  It really is an incredible reward for getting healthy.  Most importantly, I can't imagine if Kathryn had gotten pregnant at her previous weight of 280 lbs.  It would have been scary to see how many problems she could have had in her pregnancy if she had been that heavy.

Furthermore, I couldn't imagine the people that we were a few years ago as parents.  I am so thankful that we made the changes we did before we became parents.  Not only are we much healthier, but we are much better off financially.  Kathryn transitioning to becoming a house wife and not working carried almost no stress for us where as a few years ago I would have been a mess.

I can live now knowing that, God willing, Haley will have incredible health.  Kathryn and I only keep quality, high density food in the house including local where we can.

Little grumpy face

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love My Job

Me and some of the other trainers at LFA in a push-up pyramid

Every Saturday morning, I get to unlock Life Fitness Academy and get it ready for the day.  And it never gets old knowing that I work in this incredible facility.  I have to stop and reflect on how blessed I am at the opportunity to work there with such a great staff and get to help our amazing clients achieve their own health and fitness goals.

I absolutely love my career I am building as a personal trainer.

It is hard to replace helping people.  Between my clients online and the people that I train in person, I have built some awesome relationships and helped them hit different goals.

I've seen clients lose over 50 lbs. in a matter of months.  I've seen a client go from 13% body fat to 8% in 6 weeks.  I've watched, over time, many clients get stronger and stronger and add more and more weight to the bar.  One of my online clients has watched her fertility issues start to diminish.  I've watched clients buy new wardrobes.  One of my clients got off of several medications.  The list really goes on.

And the faces they make never get old.


I just turned 30 on July 2 and I am really looking forward to my 30's.  I have many goals of my own which include diving head first into my full-time career as a personal trainer and opening my own facility.  It's awesome to be in a position where I know that I have found what I love to do.  And the fact that it helps other people is beyond fulfilling.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

Update On My Training

Greetings!  Sorry for the lack of updates lately!  My daughter is set to be born any day now and some other things have been going on making life hectic lately!  Hopefully I'll be back on a normal schedule soon enough.  I know parents, go ahead and laugh it up with me saying that.

Recently on the blog I was very open about how I am taking a new approach how I train.  I have been fed-up with getting injured and not being able to move well.

So I decided to basically eliminate heavy weight lifting and start a workout program that focuses on calisthenics (body weight training), isometrics, kettle bells, and TRX as the primary forms of cross-training.  

TRX Pistol Squat (Photo taken at Life Fitness Academy)

Needless to say, I have found a new best friend with the TRX.  There are so many awesome things you can do with this tool.  My clients have really enjoyed it too as I have been using it a lot more in their training.  

Right now, my primary goals are to get a little bit of the weight off that I gained from having a program primarily based around heavy lifting.  I want to increase the amount of pull-ups I can do.  That is very important to me.  I also want to do a hand stand as I mentioned in my last blog.  Right now, I can walk up the wall and hold and I can let go for a split second.  As I mentioned, I will post some pictures of my progress.  If you are interested in learning how to do a hand stand or just learn some good ways to build up your overall strength (especially core strength), check out our new eBook from Life Fitness Academy entitled Calisthenic Progressions: Handstand and if you enter "ONCEWASFAT15" at checkout then you will get 15% off.  

What are your current fitness goals?  I'd love to start a conversation below!